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February 20, 2020

What's so great about a makeover? You hear about them all the time on those reality shows where they show the worn down and scruffy before pictures of a person, house, room and yard, followed by the glamorous and beautiful after pictures after the makeover.


That's what is so great about makeovers. You get to upgrade your look to feel better, look better and even do better.


The same message applies to your website. If your website is over 5 years old, or if you did your website on a tight budget and had to skimp on a lot of corners, you might benefit in a huge way from a makeover! 


So what should you look for in your website to see if it needs a makeover?


  • Overall: First is how attractive is it? When compared to your competitors, does your site have beautiful images and an attractive layout?

  • Mobile responsiveness: If somebody visits your website from a smartphone or tablet, which is the fastest growing way people are visiting sites these days, is your site easy to navigate and read?

  • SEO: Is your site loaded with search engine-friendly features helping to make sure search engines and therefore potential customers can find you easily?

  • Customer feedback forms: Do you have forms for customers to send messages or feedback?

  • Social media: Is your site loaded with easy ways for visitors to share your website with others or connect with you on social media?

  • Blog: Do you have a blog connected to your website? It is a great way to increase your search engine visibility while sharing topics of your expertise with the world.

  • Flash: Does your website have old Flash on it? The older versions of Flash were "flashy" and fun, but not good for search engine optimization or mobile phones.


There are lots of other features you should have in any website, but these are a few quick and easy ones to consider. 


If you think you are ready for a makeover, give us a call! We would love to give you a free makeover so you can benefit from the great new features available!

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